Thursday 4 April 2013

What has KingBecky been up to?

i've been observing KingBecky recently, when she hasn't been reading to me (i enjoy a good book), and when we haven't been listening to audiobooks, (we had a great day the other weekend filled with Neil Gaiman story goodness, we caught up on Radio 4's Radio Play of Neverwhere and then went to the mouse circus and listened to Coraline).

Well, anyway, when she isn't reading to me, she gets these big pots down from on top of the cupboard, jars out from under the stairs, wool out from the box, turns the cooker on and hours later, she has wonderfully coloured stuff that she knits with (after she has dried it of course).

Quite honestly, it is just like magic, i suppose it doesn't help that i sleep through most of the process, so it's one minute sheep colour and then, SHAZAM! multi coloured wonderful wonders! it's a little bit like magic really.

She tells me that we'll be working on updating the shop this weekend, she will, i'll be mostly listening to music, waiting for stories or eating my dinner. i supervise the process you see, which is great as i think the temptation to play with the yarn would be too great for me to resist, so i daren't go anywhere near it!

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